Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Body Language: Pupil Dilation

Knowing body language is an empowering thing to know. It allows you to read people better and establish better rapport.

Pupil dilation is one of the few things we cannot control, thus it is one of the most truthful expression of the body.

Our pupils dilate (get bigger) when we are looking at something we like, something pleasant. Conversely, our pupils contract when we are looking at something we do not like, something unpleasant. In a way, the body wants to let in more of what is good and less of what is bad.

Savvy advertisers realize that subconsciously we are more attracted to a person with dilated pupils than with contracted pupils. These advertisers Photoshop larger pupils on people in their ads.

If I remember correctly from my research, some ancient Egyptian women would put a pupil dilating herb in their eyes to make themselves look more attractive.

There is good reason why a classic date is in a darkly lit setting. It dilates pupils, therefore making the couple more attractive.

As with all body language signs, the observer must establish a baseline for those signs. You must know what the average pupil size is for the subject you are reading. Once you know that, anything outside of the norm can be read in combination with other body language signals.

Knowing body language is an important part of Thrivalism.

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