Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are We Burning Our Teeth?

Our teeth are the hardest part of our body. Most people rarely consider the fact that teeth are living and can repair themselves to a certain extent.

The cause of tooth decay is multifaceted:
  • A high sugar diet feed bacteria, which create plaque which cause cavities.
  • Drinking carbonated sodas leeches minerals out of bones and teeth causing them to weaken.
  • Excessively acidic body PH (caused by eating acidic foods as opposed to alkaline foods)
  • Dehydration, which increases acidic levels. 
But in addition, I believe that we have impaired our teeth ability to repair themselves.
We regularly eat foods beyond 130 degrees F. 130 degrees is when our tissue starts burning. If your keep your hand under hot water from your faucet you will get burns in a couple minutes, the temperature of that water is usually 135 degrees, and we eat food well beyond that. Tea and coffee is often 160-180 degrees which certainly is enough to cause quick burns. If you have ever burned your tongue you probably have burned your teeth roots.

When tissue is burned it develops scar tissue. Scar tissue does not transmit blood and lymph as well as healthy tissue, thus repair is impaired. Minerals necessary for tooth repair have a more difficult time reaching the teeth through scar tissue than through normal tissue.

I am not suggesting we should all become raw foodists (though that may be good thing), but simply to avoid excessively hot foods.

Picture Source: AscendedHealth.com
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